About Us

We are a non-profit social organization founded in 2010 in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. We work in an open and collective action environment to promote development, inclusion and social organization. Our foundation articulates its work with other organizations of society, government agencies, institutions and volunteers; strengthening alliances with different organizations from the public, private and social sectors to promote actions that promote a better quality of life.


graduates in 27 trades


children received comprehensive support


families that receive the program More milk, more proteins


people completed their vaccination


people received food thanks to the programs


Our mission is to promote the design and implementation of initiatives that aim towards the integral development of communities, covering issues associated with the social, health, education and environmental fields; having as main objective the accompaniment of each process from a Human Rights approach in order to contribute to the transformation of society for a more just, equitable and sustainable one.


We aspire to achieve an active organization in society that accompanies the different sectors through the implementation of socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable projects; contributing to a collective construction of the territories and their communities through values ​​such as inclusion, social justice, respect for cultural and gender diversity and Good Living.


◊ Social commitment
◊ Social responsibility, ethics and sustainability
◊ Integrity
◊ Entrepreneurial attitude
◊ Transparency
◊ Cooperation
◊ Respect for life and human dignity

Specific Objectives

◊ Promote social equity and compliance with Human Rights by addressing issues related to the area of ​​economy, health, education, environment and gender diversity in order to promote human dignity and the integral development of people.
◊ Accompany and assist community organization processes of popular sectors that seek the development of self-managed production networks.
◊ Promote actions, projects, plans and programs that promote the development of a healthy environment and economically and ecologically sustainable ways of life.
◊ Generate and strengthen educational, cultural and sports alternatives that favor greater social integration and the creation of new sources of work in the territories.

Our history

-In 2017, we joined the Banco de la Gente, bringing the tools of the Provincial State to the most humble neighborhoods of the province. We granted 20 lines of individual microcredits to working families of the popular economy.
-We started training courses of various trades endorsed by the National University of Cordoba. We work together with the Professional Training area of the Government of the Province of Cordoba. We have more than 600 graduates in 27 trades in different fields.
-We join the Provincial Sala Cuna Program dependent on the Ministry of Social Development of the Province of Cordoba, forming the “We Learn Playing” Room.

-In 2018, we provided technical assistance to the organization Desde el Corazón para lxs Niños, located in Villa Giardino, to establish itself as a Simple Association.

-In 2019, we joined and registered in the Provincial Program for Strengthening the Popular Economy. This implies the participation of various jurisdictions of the Provincial State and the articulation of actions with other National and Municipal Public agencies, with the private sectors of economic activity and with non-governmental organizations that act within the framework of the Popular Economy.

-In 2020 we joined the Common House Plan Program dependent on the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Argentine Nation, this comprehensive plan provides technical and financial assistance to community organizations to carry out environmental projects with social impact.
-We joined the implementation of the National Early Childhood Plan: "Playing We Learn" between the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and the Family, and the Undersecretary for Early Childhood.
-We joined the Manos a la Obra Projects Program dependent on the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation. The program grants non-refundable subsidies from the state, which allows the purchase of tools, equipment and machinery to those people who have a commercial, industrial and/or productive project.



We consider that health is an integral axis for all the projects and actions that are implemented in the Foundation. With this ever-present objective, we carry out comprehensive care actions such as prevention and health promotion for a healthy and comprehensive development of people.


Foundation, through integrated circuits, gynecological and breast controls, complete cytological analysis, among others. In conjunction with graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry of the National University of Cordoba, we carry out prevention and promotion, follow-ups and assistance in a comprehensive way, for free to people in vulnerable situations until the definitive discharge of the patients. Alongside with the Ministry of Health of the Province of Cordoba, we carry out biannual vaccination campaigns open to the entire community. More than 600 elderly people, children and adolescents have completed their vaccination card. In conjunction with the Ministry of Provincial Social Development, within the framework of the program More milk More protein, we gave milk for the families of children who attend the Sala Cuna.


We promote initiatives for the cultural and social development of Córdoba through the accompaniment of projects and activities that aim to create spaces for collective action carried out between local community artists, merchants, cultural centers, among others. Likewise, we promote local development and the revaluation of the historical, cultural and tourist heritage of emblematic places of our city


"La otra Cara" was born with the intention of being a means of communication that contributes to local development and being a dissemination space for local artists from all walks of life. From Fundación Vicentina we provide them with technical assistance for their institutional strengthening, consolidating themselves into a simple association "La Otra Cara" with the aim of contributing to local development and creating a dissemination space for local artists. Through different actions, we enable the printing of a thousand copies of magazines where you can view the history that characterizes the Güemes neighborhood, its poetry, its characters, shops, its gastronomy, cultural spaces, among others.


We promote, through a pedagogical and institutional project, the creation of a space that aims to provide children from 45 days old to 4 years of age a comprehensive development in order to guarantee the full exercise of their rights.


Through this project, dependent on the Ministry of Social Development of the Province, we decided to bring the tools of the State to the most humble neighborhoods of our city. We understand that the Nursery program is comprehensive and allows us to address certain problems in our community. This Program, which has been in operation for more than three years, is important to be able to satisfy and make effective each and every one of the rights of the child in an educational and affective environment; as well as to address the problems that this territory is going through (work, education, health, violence, addictions, etc.). We also consider that children, being under our care, enable mothers, fathers and/or guardians to start their studies, work and/or invest that time in some other productive matter that they decide.

Through the empowerment of their mothers, fathers and/or guardians, we collaborate in family areas such as strengthening ties and rescuing values that are in decline due to certain situations. With the Nursery Room Program we seek to achieve the following objectives: For the child:

● Begin the process of socialization outside the family.
● Establish emotional ties.
● Start the process towards autonomy.
● Achieve motor skills..
● Develop their fine and gross motor skills.
● Get started in the practical understanding of the temporal and spatial organization.
● Enrich verbal and non-verbal language.

To the parents:

● Develop a feeling of trust with the teachers to be able to emancipate themselves from their children without distress.
● Share significant moments for the child with the teacher.
● Achieve good communication with the teachers to agree on criteria and to satisfy their concerns.

From the Nursery "We learn by playing":

● Provide to children from 45 days to 4 years old, environmental, emotional, and pedagogical conditions, and assistance that guarantee their integral development.
● Make effective for the little ones, without distinction of any kind, the "equality of opportunities", providing them from an early age with the care and stimuli that are required for their growth and harmonious development.● Provide a creative space where play and the child are the protagonists, where affective bonds are established between staff and families, creating a committed educational community.


Through this space, which depends on the SENNAF and the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, we provide children from 45 days to 4 years of age comprehensive care. We consider its implementation important to satisfy and make effective each and every one of the rights of the children in an educational and affective environment; as well as to address the problems that this territory is going through such as: work, education, health, violence, addictions, among others. In addition to this, we understand that through the care of children in these educational settings, we fulfill the role of enablers so that their mothers, fathers and/or guardians can start their studies, work and/or invest that time in some productive matter that they decide. Likewise, through this space, we promote the empowerment of their mothers, fathers and/or guardians, collaborating in family environments through the strengthening of ties and the rescue of values that due to certain situations are in constant decline. In relation to children, through playful-recreational activities, we seek to promote the development of their fine and gross motor skills and achieve comprehensive learning. In the same way, we accompany this process with a healthy nutritional intake in the different daily intakes and the creation of hygiene habits. Finally, we propose to address the development of language, emotions and play, since we believe that it will make possible a quality upbringing, in conjunction with the accompaniment of families.


We consider it important to guarantee children and their families the food they need for their integral growth and development. For this reason, we accompany and strengthen dining rooms and merenderos in the City of Córdoba with different resources, such as food for the different daily meals, supplies and/or materials for building infrastructure improvements. In turn, the different containment spaces assist children and families with school support. This activity benefits approximately 200 people per month.
Dining rooms and merenderos that we have strengthened:

● Un Mundo Feliz.
● Pancitas Calientes.
● Sueños y Esperanzas.
● Crece Desde Abajo.
● Colonia Lola, Sonrisitas.
● La 28.
● Esperanza por los Niños.
● Iluminando Corazones

Productive Projects

Strengthen the productive units through the promotion of development and genuine work of the Popular Economy to the Cordovan workers. We carry out this work in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development of Argentina by granting the tools, supplies and state capital. From our institution, we provide support and technical assistance to start productive projects qualifying informal workers' lives.

“Building dignity”

"Construyendo dignidad” (Building dignity) This project seeks to strengthen the construction of the productive unit with the intention of generating jobs in its own neighborhood. Through this project we promote cooperative work together with different productive units that carry out activities, services and productions linked to different branches as well as professions, while we try to articulate their attempt to generate better conditions of production, exchange and marketing. The project hardens four areas of production and services, which are: construction, painting work, carpentry, weeding and green space services.

● Activities related to the construction, repair of family homes and public buildings are developed. It provides construction works, painting work, carpentry services, premises and service, environmental sanitation of communities and green space service. Looking for a spirit of solidarity and also mutual help to create a cooperative conscience.
● In 2018, the Vicentina Foundation gave Training courses for the Construction Work, for a Professional Training of the Secretariat for the Promotion of Equity of the Government of the Province of Córdoba and endorsed by the National University of Córdoba.
● In 2019, the construction crews carried out maintenance work on the building other than the SENAF space (Secretary for Children, Teenagers and Family) and the Ministry of Women within the framework of the agreement signed between the group and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Province of Córdoba.

La paquito. Productive textile

This project is carried out in the Colinas del Cerro neighbourhood who is located in Córdoba city. It is a productive unit confirmed exclusively by women. It gathers from the community women, from the San Ignacio and La Toma neighbourhoods. From the creation of the murga, several of the participants began to develop textileproductions to make their own costumes and this activity arose from there. Currently, this unit creates murga costumes, rag dolls, white sets, chinstraps, among others.

El Mana

Within this project, the production unit produces bakery products, such as: Creole bread, French bread, mignon bread, homemade bread and whole wheat bread. They also make sweet baked goods such as invoices, alfajores, tarts and cakes. Among the salty bakery can also be found: prepizzas, empanada discs, among others. This productive unit is family-owned, has its own space and is located in the Ciudad de mis Sueños neighbourhood, in Córdoba Capital city. Each one of the workers of this enterprise is trained in the Baking business through the trade courses offered by the Foundation. These training courses have official certification and are endorsed by the National University of Córdoba and by the Government of the Córdoba Province


We consider it is essential to contribute to the awareness and creation of community practises have to reverse ecosystem services and create sustainable living conditions. We believe it is necessary to encourage the construction of links and networks that build territoriality and a sense of belonging to the place. Agroecology only expands. This project is located in the La Perla neighbourhood, in Alta Gracia’s town, Santa María department, in Córdoba province, Argentina.
The objective of this project is to promote local and sustainable development with the creation of a vegetable garden and together with the raising of chickens. It seeks to promote employment and create healthy and sustainable living conditions over time, in the neighbourhood where the project is being carried out. Therefore, our specific objectives are:

- Transmit theoretical and practical tools that make it possible to get the most out of the land available for its production.
- Create a productive unit that generates healthy and healthy food for local consumption.
-Strengthen social links between the people from the neighbourhood through the promotion of ideals of collective and cooperative territorial construction.

Professional capacitation

We carry out training courses in trades to promote the comprehensive training of people and favour the socio-labor inclusion of the most vulnerable sectors. We certify the knowledge together with the National University of Córdoba and the Professional Capacitation area of the Promotion Equity and Employed Ministry of the Córdoba Government.

● We formed student groups by ages from 25 to 40, schooled and unschooled, members of the LGBTIQ + community, including young people and older adults, who are trained in different topics, having the possibility of training in 27 trades related to different productive areas.

● Into the last years, more than 600 people had graduated from more than 10 offices in Córdoba Capital and the province’s interior, producing tastes and knowledge in more than 27 different areas. In this way, we bring capacitation devices closer to the territories, operating through loans in different spaces. At the same time, at these locations we carry out building adjustments and equip them with safety and hygiene supplies

Banco de la gente

The objective of the Banco de la Gente program is the growth and development of the people of Cordoba through the delivery of tax free loans allowing the strengthening of different enterprises. Through this programme we grant more than 15 lines of loans for families from vulnerable sectors and graduates of training courses in trades, for the acquisition of basic tools in order to strengthen their productive enterprises.

Campaign 4 days coffee solidarity

It is a solidarity action carried out in conjunction with the 21st Century University, the Urban Initiative Centre and the Gastronomic Circuit of Córdoba with the objective of raising funds for canteens and picnic areas in the city, enabling coffee growers to increase their sales.
All the actors involved in the project obtained benefits. Taxpayers enjoyed a snack - breakfast and provided food to community kitchens in a highly vulnerable context. The shops increased their sales and the soup kitchens received food.
● 5 soup kitchens were benefited.
● 500 people received food.
● 198 people participated in the purchase of the products.
● 12 coffee shops collaborated and donated 50% of their profit from combos sales.